Speakers VIEW 2020

Ed Catmull

Co-founder, Pixar

Dennis Muren

9-time Academy Award Winner, Creative Director - ILM

Andrew Jackson

VFX Supervisor, Tenet, DNEG

Joel Crawford

Director, The Croods: A New Age

Nate Wragg

Production Designer, The Croods: A New Age

Rob Bredow

Chief Creative Officer, Industrial Light & Magic

Tomm Moore

Co-founder & Creative Director, Cartoon Saloon

Phil Tippett

Director/Visual Effects Supervisor

Peter Ramsey

Director, Spiderman Into the Spiderverse, We the People (Episode), Netflix

Kris Pearn

Director, Sony Pictures Animation

Jorge R. Gutierrez

Director, Maya and the Three, Netflix

Kyle Balda

Director, Minions: The Rise of Gru

Mark Osborne

Director, Netflix

Tony Bancroft

Director, Animal Crackers

Walt Dohrn

Director, Trolls World Tour

Jeremy Clapin

Writer/Director, I Lost My Body

Sharon Calahan

Director of Photography, Onward, Pixar

Osnat Shurer

Producer, Moana & Raya and the Last Dragon

Shannon Tindle

Writer/Director/Executive Producer, Netflix Animation

Everett Downing Jr.

Director, We the People (Episode), Netflix

Tim Webber

Chief Creative Officer, Framestore

Kendal Cronkhite

Production Designer, Trolls World Tour

Celine Desrumaux

Production Designer, The Witch Boy, Netflix

Alvy Ray Smith

CG Pioneer & Co-Founder, Pixar

Roger Guyett

Award-Winning VFX Supervisor & Second Unit Director, Star Wars, Ready Player One, Star Trek

Hal Hickel

Animation Director, ILM. Academy Award & Bafta winner

Bobby Podesta

Animation Supervisor, Pixar Animation Studios

Max Bickley

Lighting Lead, Pixar Animation Studios

Markus Kranzler

Character Shading & Groom Artist, Pixar Animation Studios

Ron Martin

Creative & Technical Director, Media & Entertainment - Unity Technologies

Nate Fox

Creative Director at Sucker Punch Productions

Paul Debevec

Director of Research, Netflix

Sebastien Deguy

VP of 3D & Immersive, Adobe

Rodrigo Blaas

Showrunner/Director Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia

Erick Pangilinan

Art Director, Naughty Dog

John Sweeney

Art Director, Naughty Dog

Jan-Bart Van Beek

Studio Director & Studio Art & Animation Director, Guerrilla Games

Glenn Entis

Academy Award Winner, Co-founder PDI

Richard Chuang

Co-Founder, PDI

Carl Rosendahl

Co-Founder PDI, professor Carnegie Mellon

Ann Telnaes

Editorial Cartoonist, Washington Post, Winner Pulizer Prize for Editorial Cartooning

Don Greenberg

Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Computer Graphics, Cornell University

Tom Wujec

Tech pioneer, Writer, Entrepreneur

James Ham

Senior Animator, Insomniacgames

Miguel Puga

Co-Executive Producer, Director, Nickelodeon Animation

Niki Lopez

Creator and Co-Executive Producer, Nickelodeon Animation

Matt Omernick

Chief Creative Officer, Akili Interactive

Marino Guarnieri

Director, 2D VFX Supervisor, Winner EFA Best Animated Movie & David di Donatello Award

Sébastien Hue

Concept Artist & Illustrator

Kane Lee

Head of Content, Baobab Studios

Dave Gouge

Head of Marketing & Publicity, Weta Digital

Inga Petryaevskaya

CEO and Co-Founder, Tvori

Giovanni Nakpil

Art Director, 3D & Immersive, Adobe

Mladen Dukic

Founder and Director of AEON Production

Cinzia Angelini

Director, Cinesite Feature Animation

Tamara Boutcher

Global Head of Production, Cinesite Feature Animation

Nate Barnard

CG/Visual Effects Supervisor, Cinesite Feature Animation

Nick Davis

Production VFX Supervisor, The One and Only Ivan

Zeena Qureshi

Cofounder & CEO of Sonantic

Alasdair Coull

VP of Special Projects, Weta Digital

Rafi Nizam

Creative Consultant & Media Executive, Rafianimates

Anders Langlands

Visual FX Supervisor, Weta Digital

Stephen Black

Artist, Writer, Director of Blacksteps

Giorgio Ghisolfi

Animator, Director, Media sociologist, Author

Stefen Fangmeier

VFX Supervisor, Game of Thrones

Alison Mann

Talent Manager and Co-President of Fourth Wall Animation

Maggie Malone

Producer, Netflix Animation

Milan Jovovic

Co-founder, partner and chief creative officer at Nordeus

Nikola Damjanov

Lead Game Artist, Nordeus

Dylan Sisson

RenderMan - Pixar

Craig Allen

Chief Creative Officer, Embodied Inc.

Sava Zivkovic

Director, Axis Studios Serbia

Alex Beddows

Senior Environment Artist, Microsoft The Initiative

Erik Smitt

Director of Creative production, Skydance Animation

Helge Maus

Senior VFX Trainer, Owner pixeltrain 3d | vfx | animation

Christoph Scholz

Head of Exhibitions and International Projects, Semmel Concerts

Laurens Corijn

Technical Artist, 3D & Immersive, Adobe

Ian Failes

Editor, befores & afters

Richard Scott

CEO & Co-Founder, Axis Studios

Stu Aitken

Director & Co-Founder, Axis Studios

Paula Bird

Supervising Producer, Axis Studios

Michael Zaman

Head of Realtime, Axis Studios

Milos Paunovic

CSR Specialist, Nordeus

Barbara Robertson


Dan Sarto

Co-Founder & Publisher, Animation World Network

Louise Bagnall

Creative Director, Cartoon Saloon

Fiona Walkinshaw

Global Managing Director, Film, Framestore

Juan Carlos De Martin

Professor, Polytechnic of Turin

Umberto Morello

Co-Founder, Limoon

Gabriele Magro


Wieke Schrakamp

Research Manager Health & Behavior, IJsfontein

Henry LaBounta

BAFTA Winner, Senior Art Director / VFX Supervisor, EA

Sergio Pablos

Director/Writer Klaus, Netflix

Simone Giampaolo

Freelance Director (Aardman Animations/Jellyfish Pictures)

Eloi Champagne

Technical Director - National Film Board of Canada, VR

Alex Williams

Head of Animation - Escape Studios

Ted Ty

Global Head of Character Animation, Feature Animation, DNEG

Iliana Franklin

Lead Tutor MA Storyboarding and Previz, Escape Studios

Terrence Masson

MFA Computer Arts Chair, School of Visual Arts, NYC

Megan Brain

Paper Sculpture Designer, Walt Disney Imagineering "World of Color" Water Show

Larry Cutler

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Baobab Studios

Francesco Filippi

Writer, Director, Animator, Studio Mistral

David Conley

Executive VFX Producer, Weta Digital

Glen McIntosh

Supervising Animator, Storyboard Artist, Conceptual Designer, Paleo-artist

Daniel Shutt

3D Tutor, Escape Studios

Jonathan McFall

Programme Leader VFX, Escape Studios

Giuseppe Lombardi

Director & Founder of Wow Tapes, VFX Compositing Trainer

Steve Goldberg

VFX Supervisor, Frozen 2, Disney Animation

Iki Ikram

Art Manager, Beyond-FX

Nick McElmury

Art Director, Beyond-FX

Mark Mullery

Assistant Director, Wolfwalkers, Cartoon Saloon

Ross Stewart

Co-Director, Wolfwalkers, Cartoon Saloon

Svend Rothmann Bonde

Animation Supervisor, Wolfwalkers, Cartoon Saloon

Maria Pareja

Art Director, Wolfwalkers, Cartoon Saloon

Luce van Maren

School of Arts Utrecht and Tilburg University

Gerry Orz

Director, Writer, Film Journalist & VFX Artist

Mireille Soria

President - President - Paramount Animation

Karen Toliver

Exec VP of Creative, Sony Pictures Animation

Ramsey Naito

President, Nickelodeon Animation

Maureen Fan

CEO, Co-Founder - Baobab Studios

Eric Darnell

Chief Creative Director Baobab Studios

Alan Scott

Legacy Effects

Alonso Ramirez Ramos

Co-Executive Producer, Cartoon Network Studios

Amy Smith

Head of Talent, Film, Framestore

Angie Wojak

Director of Career Development, School of Visual Arts NYC

Spencer Robelen

Career Development Coordinator, School of Visual Arts

Brooke Keesling

Head of Animation Talent Development, Bento Box Entertainment

Habib Zargarpour

Virtual Production Supervisor, Unity Technologies

Jeremy Hays

Special Effects Supervisor

Mark Flanagan

Education Partner Manager, Epic Games

Michael Fukushima

Studio Head, National Film Board of Canada

Sam Nicholson

Visual Effects Supervisor, Stargate Studios

Fedra Fateh

Deputy Director of the Torino Film Festival, Founder of the Lady Boss Campaign, Lawyer

Paola Gribaudo

President of the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts,Torino & Editor

Jennifer Yuh Nelson

Supervising Director, Love Death and Robots, Netflix

Marge Dean

Head of Studio, Crunchy Roll & President, Women in Animation

Conrad Vernon

Director, Addams Family 2

Simeon Schaffner

Concept Artist & Illustrator

Carolyn Giardina

Tech Editor, Hollywood Reporter

Doug Holder

Designer Project Lead, Panic Bot Games

Todd Sue

Art Director, Respawn Entertainment

Steven Gaydos

Executive VP of Content, Variety

Nancy Denney-Phelps

Animation Historian & Journalist

Anne Vasquez

Senior Advisor, The Wrap

Alessandro De Rosa

Freelance Musician, Radio Speaker, RSI

Kristian Sensini


Stefano Reali


Jinko Gotoh

Producer, Consultant, VP Women in Animation

Danielle O'Hare

Director, Talent Development, ILM

Rhea Fischer

Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

Kimberly Aller

VFX Production Supervisor, Weta

Megan Boyd

Storyboard Director, Nickelodeon

Jessica Borutski

Supervising Director, The Loud House

Conrad Montgomery

Vice President, Current Series, Animation, Nickelodeon

Connie Kennedy

Head of LA Lab, Epic Games

Eve Roth

Digital Artist in Virtual Production

Jeff Rowe

Director, Ninja Turtles, Nickelodeon

Alonso Martinez

Senior Lead Technical Artist, Google Research

Lotte Vergouwen

Course Leader Games and Interaction, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht

Taylor Meacham

Director, To:Gerard, Dreamworks

Agostino Simonetta

Director, [email protected] Global Partnership Team

Giuseppe Enrico Franchi

Lead Game Designer, 34BigThings

Mauro Fanelli

Founder & CEO, MixedBag

Matteo Pessione

Chief Operating Officer, OGR Torino

Samuele Piazza

Curator, OGR Torino

Mike Seymour

Co-founder/Editor in Chief, fxguide

Maria Elena Gutierrez

CEO & Executive Director, VIEW Conference

Alwyn Hunt

Co-Founder, The Rookies

Lara Hopkins

Talent consultant ILM, Sydney

Krista Jordan

Head of Animation, AFTRS

Christina Ryan

Texture & Look-dev Artist

Simon Scales

Founder & Director, CDW Studios & CDW Animation

Saint John Walker

Deputy Dean, Escape Studios

Ramin Zahed

Author, Journalist, Editor in Chief, Animation Magazine

Anastasia Gurova

Director, Author

Austin Hill

Director, Storyboard/Previz Artist

Molly Babington

Director, Storyboard/Previz Artist

Stevie Stedman

Director, Storyboard/Previz Artist

Leroy T. P. Dias

Director, Storyboard/Previz Artist