Press Accreditation


Everyone requesting Press Accreditation must be an active contributor or employed by a publication, news organization, or digital news outlet, and each request is subject to approval by View Conference staff. To apply for media accreditation, send an email to [email protected] containing the following bullets with your supporting information.

  • First and Last Name
    • __________________________
  • Job Title
    • __________________________
  • Media Organization (e.g. Animation Magazine) and if applicable, your department (technology, culture, etc.) 
    • __________________________
  • Example of media coverage (e.g. a link to one of your articles) 
    • __________________________

Everyone registering for a press accreditation must be an active contributor to a publication or similar media outlet. Applying does not guarantee an accreditation. Each request will be reviewed before being authorized.


Please send any questions about this process to [email protected]  

A separate credential for use of cameras and/or video equipment must be obtained from us by completing the Audio-Visual Agreement that we will provide you with on a request basis when you receive your media badge.