Press Accreditation


Everyone requesting Press Accreditation must be an active contributor or employed by a publication, news organization, or digital news outlet, and each request is subject to approval by View Conference staff.

To apply for media accreditation, please follow these steps:



  • A member of View Conference staff will reply to you within a day or two by email requesting the following additional information:
    • an image of your journalist card,
    • a business card that clearly displays the media outlet name and your name,
    • a current masthead that clearly displays the media outlet name and your name,
    • a link to your profile on the media outlet's public web site,
    • a signed letter of assignment from the representing media organization
    • links to articles, videos, podcasts and blogs where you are the contributor.


  • If you are approved, a member of View Conference staff will email you an invitation to formally enroll for the press accreditation.


To arrange interviews with VIEW Conference 2020 guest before or during the event, write to  [email protected] 


Please send any questions about this process to  [email protected] 

A separate credential for use of cameras and/or video equipment must be obtained from us by completing the Audio-Visual Agreement that we will provide you with on a request basis when you receive your media badge.