Using examples from throughout his filmmaking career, as well as the films that inspired him over the years, Mark Osborne highlights and illustrates the principles of good storytelling through […]

Camera and cutting for comedy. How to stage and tell a joke, build character through comedy and create the foundation for an empathetic movie with the goal of entertaining an […]

Nearly every 3d character starts out as a two dimensional drawing, but the journey between dimensions isn’t always easy to navigate. Join Jason Bickerstaff as he discusses ways to interpret […]

A deep dive into the creation of Grand Moff Tarkin for Lucasfilm’s ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story. Animation Director Hal Hickel discusses the challenges and pitfalls of creating photorealistic […]

Autodesk Maya No prior experience needed – complete beginners welcome Project Brief: Create a sense of realistic animal motion which looks convincing and is based on real observation. Then add […]

Carlos Zaragoza, production designer of “The Emoji Movie” at Sony Pictures Animation, will share his thoughts on creating unique environments that support the story. In this workshop, Carlos will ask […]

Mike Ford, VFX Supervisor on Genndy Tartakovsky’s short film “Puppy” will share the step by step process of how the artists at Sony Pictures Animation and Sony Imageworks created the […]

Color is a powerful storytelling tool which can have a decisive impact on the spectator’s experience and emotions.  From perception to meaning, this Introduction to Color Symbolism and Design will […]

How to pick the right pipeline + tips and tricks

Rubin is offering a 2-hour workshop for photographers on the exploration of synecdoche. This workshop is open to novices and advanced photographers, as long as you have a camera with […]

For a selected few participants from the Synecdoche workshop, this 90-minute “part two” is a masterclass with Rubin that will go deeper into the poetic constraints. Working in black-and- white […]

Description coming soon.

Description of the software: Atoms Crowd is a new crowd engine which has been already integrated into Maya and Houdini. Its simulation is skeleton based for great animation quality. It’s […]

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