This workshop will explore the appeal and design for animation.

Learn how to create and pitch a storyboard with Sausage Party director CONRAD VERNON.

We live in an electronic world, constantly connected digitally through the Internet. Increasingly more of our communication, education, and entertainment, from mobile phones to e-books to television and digital theater […]

A look at how to create beautiful and memorable images to enhance storytelling.

For the past few years, Marc Haimes has approached the craft of screenwriting with the mentality of an athlete, looking for every possible (legal) way to enhance performance. He has […]

Join David Feiss, head of story on Sony Pictures Animation’s OPEN SEASON, creator of COW AND CHICKEN and director of OPEN SEASON: SCARED SILLY as he explains the critical role […]

When it comes to environment work, there is not one specific way to approach it, but many. In this workshop, we will focus on making one shot, using different techniques […]

This workshop focusses on the graphic principals of animation posing. Applying traditional shot planning techniques to CG animation and VFX. Using line of action, negative space, and staging to guid […]

Students in this workshop will explore the process of translating a script into a sequence of independent shots. This involves identifying the turns of narrative and character built into the […]

Get ready to pitch. What are the considerations for pitching an idea? This interactive workshop focuses on the process of developing a pitch for a game property. Participants will be […]

An introduction to Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine 4 has an amazing new virtual movie production tool suite built straight into the engine. During this presentation, we will utilize the new cinematic cameras, cranes, and rail […]

During this workshop, Sjoerd De Jong, Unreal Engine Evangelist, will build a VR game from scratch working with freely available Unreal Engine assets. By combining the power of UE4’s visual […]

Procedural techniques are powerful tools that enable artists to create complex content much more rapidly than would be possible through manual placement and manipulation. Students in this workshop will be […]

Beyond the purely documentary function, images allow those who create them to break away from an objective transcription of reality. This underlines the importance of the meeting between the person […]

Master the art of avian locomotion!

JC Cornwell will offer live portfolio reviews and a recruitment session!

From the process of screenwriting, to pre-production, to shooting, and post production, young filmmakers will be given a sound foundation to build. Formatting in Final Draft, shooting with high-quality professional […]

Using as an example the latest Virtual Reality 3D puzzle game qb, developed by PlaySys and published by Oculus in June 2016, Luca Deriu will sum up the experience of […]

Simple concepts of animation are taught by creating stop motion animation, modeling shapes or characters from a dough of flour, salt and water.

Tips & tricks from two veterans to improve your odds at landing a dream job.

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