Mark Osborne will take us through the intensely challenging creative process that he and his team underwent in adapting the iconic classic French literary masterpiece LE PETIT PRINCE for global […]

Even as artists working in a collaborative medium we tend to wear blinders, focusing only on OUR craft, not appreciating that our dance partners have the potential to make our […]

Gutierrez will take the audience on a wild 25 year journey from his Emmy winning student film, his first animated web series for Sony, various TV pilots for Disney, his […]

Really, I can do whatever I want? And on a project with (almost) no studio notes? Shannon Tindle, director of Google ATAP’S latest Spotlight Story, will share his experience telling […]

Kung Fu Panda 3, releases Jan 2016.

The increasing deployment of sensors and hand-held electronics in recent years is allowing a new approach to the study of the built environment. The way we describe and understand cities […]

Chris Townsend is going to talk about the design, development, and implementation of some of the key characters in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. Some of those characters, like Hulk, […]

Bringing the iconic characters of Charles Schulz’s beloved comic strip “Peanuts” to life in CG was an exciting and unprecedented opportunity for the creative and technical teams at Blue Sky […]

Michael Kurinsky shares insights on how the unique style of the original “Hotel Transylvania” guided the creation of a brand new world in this second fangtastic adventure.  

For 40 years, Industrial Light & Magic has set the standard for visual effects, creating some of the most memorable images in the history of modern cinema. From advances in […]

In 1993 ILM brought living, breathing dinosaurs back from extinction, a move that would help shape the future of cinema itself. Steeped in the Jurassic franchise, the ILM panelists share […]

In a very special presentation, as part of the celebration of Industrial Light & Magic’s 40th anniversary, Lorne Peterson will walk us into the model shop where he built, and […]

Richard Starzak and Paul Kewley will explain how Aardman Animations took their multiple Emmy award winning TV series SHAUN THE SHEEP from seven minute episodes to a feature film. Remaining […]

Inside out provided some unique lighting opportunities. The movie had two distinctly different worlds to light, the familiar human world and the fantastical world of the mind. The main character, […]

If you’ve seen one Post-apocalyptic-alien-invasion-buddy-road-movie, you’ve seen them all, right? Well, forget everything you know about those movie archetypes. The Head of Character Animation of HOME, Jason Reisig, will present […]

Making expansive worlds with enormous effects and several characters has always been a daunting task for stop-motion filmmakers. The reason is simple — if it’s in the film it has […]

Daniel Kramer will discuss Sony Imageworks’ contributions to the film “Pixels”, from realistic environments to the creation of “voxelated” game characters and stylized destruction. Pixels provided the unique opportunity to […]

Veteran VFX Supervisor Erik Nash will be attending the annual View Conference in Turin, to reveal the magical VFX work behind Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. Directed […]

Pacific Data Images was a pioneering computer animation studio, and when it finally shut its doors in January 2015, it had been in continuous operation for almost 35 years, making […]

From 1920’s “Haunted Spooks” to “Shaun of the Dead” and beyond, horror and comedy – seemingly opposite genres – have made strange yet happy movie and TV bedfellows. But why?Could […]

After the devestation of WWI, the camera emerged as a vital tool for art, invention, analysis and social change. Artists in Europe and America took to the camera as central […]

Motion graphics and computer graphics have always been about objects in a space. As the world moves “beyond the screen”, interaction is more complex and requires greater levels of simplicity. […]

How do you know when a game or film looks good? It’s subjective but your very first impression of whether you like it or not is based on what it […]

Sometimes technology evolves faster than human creativity and it offers a lot of tools that wait to be used to tell stories or “send messages” to people in most disparate […]

Women in Animation (WIA) board member and film producer Jinko Gotoh (“The Little Prince,” “The Illusionist”) will present preliminary research on the state of women working in and studying animation. […]

Ben Brudenell shares an insight into the Art Direction and development process for creating Dawn of Titans. He will take us through the creative challenges he and the art team […]

Given the game is in development, this will be a good reflection of the challenges we have faced, overcome, or indeed looking to confront.

The audiovisual world is currently facing a major challenge: new technologies and the IoT are inducing productions to transition towards multi-platform projects. The Web offers the possibility to create all […]

RVX built a photogrammetry model of the entire Khumbu to Everest summit region. This was used in low res form as a layout model for previz and postviz to ensure […]


Michael Kurinsky shares insights and learnings from over 2 decades of work in the animation industry. From his early experiences as a background painter and visual development artist to his […]

This workshop will be a great introduction to the innovative 3D texturing tool Substance painter for use in games and 3D art. In session one we will introduce the interface, […]

Ideas for structuring a narrative that uses sound design’s full potential as a storytelling tool.

What’s the relationship between comedy and morality? Is there one? Should there be? That’s the question we’ll explore in this talk, which looks at professional humor’s role in defining, and […]

Massively Multiplayer Online games like World Of Warcraft are only the final step of different ways of playing with other people. The goal of the workshop is to teach different […]

(Beginners and Advanced, Amateurs and Professionals) Spend time with black-and-white photographer and photo historian Michael Rubin, exploring the stylistic constraints of Modernism. We’ll spend a little time taking a look […]

Your turn to be an Art Director. In this workshop exercise your ability to review, diagnose and improve game visuals. Using principles from the “Learn to See” presentation we will […]

In this workshop, Kris will break down the mechanics of feature storyboarding. It will be a discussion of the creative process, looking at the tool sets (both real and virtual), […]

Import, integrate and render CINEMA 4D scenes inside Adobe After Effects CC.

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