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Eric Darnell, Chief Creative Officer of Baobab Studios, does a deep dive into the challenges of combining ideas from traditional storytelling with the immersion and interactivity of Virtual Reality.

Weta Digital Sr. Visual Effects Supervisor Joe Letteri will present War for the Planet of the Apes and the evolution of visual effects technology and artistry behind the final film […]

A talk by Academy Award Winner John Nelson about Blade Runner 2049

20 Years after Luc Besson created The Fifth Element, he returns to sci-fi with Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Luc’s cinematic sensibility is present in all facets […]

Following the hugely successful Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel Studios, Vol. 2 takes us to new planets, introduces us to new characters, reinterprets old friends and yes, uses an […]

BILL WESTENHOFER is a two-time Academy Award® winning visual effects supervisor. He recently served as overall VFX supervisor for Warner Brothers’ Wonder Woman (2017), directed by Patty Jenkins. He has […]

Sony Pictures Imageworks, the Academy Award-winning visual effects and animation studio, has created extraordinary and visually stunning images for more than 100 live-action and animated productions over its 25-year history. […]

Communities have told stories since sitting around a bonfire. The digital age and mobile, from the iPod to Youtube/Netflix and Instagram, has disrupted Hollywood’s ability to tell/fund diverse stories in […]

Paul will discuss his latest work and research with Google.

You’ve heard the story of the genesis of The Little Prince movie, now hear about all the creative twists and turns throughout production that resulted in the final version of […]

Production designer Carlos Zaragoza will take the audience on a journey to explore the visual storytelling on The Emoji Movie.

Discover the visual effects behind Wolverine’s gripping final chapter in this breakdown of Logan. Martyn Culpitt (VFX supervisor) of Vancouver’s Image Engine will take you on a journey through the […]

A discussion about the journey from the big budget feature animated films of the early 2000’s to the present day landscape where the schedules are tighter, the cost of production […]

With the powerhouse talents of Lucasfilm, Industrial Light & Magic, and Skywalker Sound at its fingertips, ILMxLAB is creating a whole new world of immersive storytelling. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality […]

Animation Director Hal Hickel discusses Industrial Light and Magic’s creation of droids, creatures, and space ships for Lucasfilm’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

“What is most personal is most universal.” – Carl Rogers In the modern era of storytelling, there are so many different ways that a storyteller can communicate with the audience. […]

In this talk, Jan-Bart van Beek, the Studio Art Director at Guerrilla Games, will take you through the journey that studio had to make in order to design the majestic […]

“The Making of Mila: Creating a Quality Animated Film via the World Wide Web” presentation will share with the filmmaking community what a group of 350 artists from more than […]

Cars is a well known established franchise, so when creating Cars 3 with the latest technology we had to make sure it didn’t look out of place with the previous […]

The paths by which people consume content is evolving more rapidly than it has in the past. From radio to motion pictures to television to the internet, creators not only […]

Batman has been in the public’s consciousness since the release of Detective Comics #27 in 1939. Over the past 78 years, his form has evolved, and his rogue’s gallery has […]

DAVE ROSENBAUM Dave is Chief Creative Officer at Cinesite Studios, responsible for all creative aspects of the company’s output in Montreal, Vancouver and London. Before joining Cinesite, Dave was VP of […]


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As Visual Effects Supervisor, Martin has worked on several films including Prometheus, The Wolverine and Furious 7 (where he led the team in creating a digital Paul Walker to help […]

Production Designer Noëlle Triaureau and VFX Supervisor Mike Ford will unveil the behind the scene process of creating the first full CG smurf movie that goes back to the look […]

Oculus Rex is comprised of game developers from indie projects to the AAA studios; Bernie will talk about the lessons learned from adapting design and production ideas from interactive 3D […]

Tilt Brush, Google’s virtual reality painting application, was Google’s first ever app on both the HTC Vive and then again on Oculus Rift, and has received widespread acclaim since it […]

Maureen Fan, Chief Executive Officer of Baobab Studios discusses how to build emotional connections through VR storytelling and why VR should be treated as its own medium.   

Larry Cutler, Chief Technology Officer of Baobab Studios, shares insights into crafting a VR production. What are the differences between making a VR animated experience and a 2D animated film? […]

The National Film Board of Canada is one of the leading forces of VR for both linear and interactive productions. This presentation will take you through the case studies of 2 […]

EVEREST VR is a powerful first introduction to VR, designed not as a conventional game but as an accessible experience that focuses on the strengths of immersion to transport you to […]

Everyone has a camera. Two billion new photographs are created every single day – this is more than all the photographs created, in aggregate, from the birth of photography for […]

New and exciting technologies are emerging that have the potential completely transform the way that we interact with the world. From virtual reality to advanced robotics, our world is becoming […]

Megan Brain will discuss her process of creating three dimensional paper models for the stop motion film “Kubo and The Two Strings”.  She will also talk about her discovery of […]

Investing in early stage startups, especially in creative content business such as gaming, entails risks for both investors and founders. There are a lot of misunderstanding or not a good […]

The focus of my talk will be Supervising VFX Animation for episodic television with an emphasis on my work with “Supergirl”. I’ll illustrate how I go about setting up a […]

Academy Award® and Emmy® nominated director Leslie Iwerks takes you on a personal journey through her acclaimed documentary films profiling some of the world’s most renowned companies, including: Disney, Pixar […]

The experts behind the Oscar-winning film The Jungle Book and the VES Award-winning John Lewis Christmas Ad will join Sohonet to discuss how VFX Studios are utilising cloud rendering tools […]

Moderator: Angie Wojak, Director of Career Development, School of Visual Arts. Tiffany Feeney, Founder of Talent Outpost. Alex Williams, Animator & Cartoonist, Head of Animation, Escape Studios. Join this expert […]


  Using examples from throughout his filmmaking career, as well as the films that inspired him over the years, Mark Osborne highlights and illustrates the principles of good storytelling through […]

Camera and cutting for comedy. How to stage and tell a joke, build character through comedy and create the foundation for an empathetic movie with the goal of entertaining an […]

Nearly every 3d character starts out as a two dimensional drawing, but the journey between dimensions isn’t always easy to navigate. Join Jason Bickerstaff as he discusses ways to interpret […]

A deep dive into the creation of Grand Moff Tarkin for Lucasfilm’s ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story. Animation Director Hal Hickel discusses the challenges and pitfalls of creating photorealistic […]

Autodesk Maya No prior experience needed – complete beginners welcome Project Brief: Create a sense of realistic animal motion which looks convincing and is based on real observation. Then add […]

Carlos Zaragoza, production designer of “The Emoji Movie” at Sony Pictures Animation, will share his thoughts on creating unique environments that support the story. In this workshop, Carlos will ask […]

Mike Ford, VFX Supervisor on Genndy Tartakovsky’s short film “Puppy” will share the step by step process of how the artists at Sony Pictures Animation and Sony Imageworks created the […]

Color is a powerful storytelling tool which can have a decisive impact on the spectator’s experience and emotions.  From perception to meaning, this Introduction to Color Symbolism and Design will […]

How to pick the right pipeline + tips and tricks

Rubin is offering a 2-hour workshop for photographers on the exploration of synecdoche. This workshop is open to novices and advanced photographers, as long as you have a camera with […]

For a selected few participants from the Synecdoche workshop, this 90-minute “part two” is a masterclass with Rubin that will go deeper into the poetic constraints. Working in black-and- white […]

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Description of the software: Atoms Crowd is a new crowd engine which has been already integrated into Maya and Houdini. Its simulation is skeleton based for great animation quality. It’s […]

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