VIEW Conference 2017 dates confirmed

Get ready for yet another amazing VIEW Conference in 2017, October 23rd to 27th in Torino!

VIEW Award Winners

First place to "Vieil Ours" (Old Bear)

vieil-ours Citing director Chen Chen's ability to create an expressive story without dialog, a story with layers of meaning, and an animation style that is perfect for the design, the jury awarded "Vieil Ours" (Old Bear) the 2016 VIEW Award. Chen Chen will receive the first prize of 2000 Euros. The 11:32 minute film was produced in 2016 by Citron Bien and distributed by Yummy Films. Pierre Dron was the producer.

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention went to the emotional short animated film "Drifting Away - A La Derive" directed by Fabian Driehorst and distributed by APEmanStudio in Barcelona. Jurors noted the unique style, the painterly environments,and the interesting use of transparency to show the impact of a father's depression on his small family.

Best Design

"Beer by Charles Bukowski", created at NERDO Creative Studios received the award for Best Design.

Best Environments

"Fox and Whale" directed by Robin Joseph received the award for Best Environments.

Best Character

The robot in the animated short "Green Light" received the award for Best Digital Character. Seongmin Kim directed the film produced at DF Lab. Haejung Suk was the producer.

VIEW Award
Members of the
International Jury 2016

Conrad Vernon, Director - Sausage Party, Sony Pictures/Annapurna/Point Grey
David Feiss, Director - Open Season: Scared Silly, Sony Pictures
Byron Howard, Co-Director - Zootopia, Disney Animation Studios
John Halstead, Technical Director - Pixar
Adam Volker, Creative Director - Moonbot Studios
Deborah Fowler Professor - SCAD
Lucia Modesto, Visual Effects Supervisor - TV Globo Productions
Steve Emerson, Visual Effects Supervisor - Laika
Chris Perry, Founder - Bit Films
Daniele Volpe, Gnomon Workshop
Elisa Cantamessa, Student - University of Turin
Agata Soccini, Researcher - University of Turin
Barbara Robertson, Journalist, Chair of the Jury
Prof. Maria Elena Gutierrez, President of the Jury, Director VIEW Conference & VIEWFest

will take the audience on a deep dive into the 5 year journey of artistry, research, and technology that created the enormous world of Disney’s Zootopia.

Using clips from scenes he boarded and directed, Conrad Vernon takes us through the aisles of a career that has culminated with Sausage Party, a film he hopes has opened […]

Director Mike Mitchell and co-director Walt Dohrn will present a behind-the-scenes look at Trolls. They’ll discuss the visual style of the film, and go through the development and story process […]

Victoria Alonso shares stories from the Marvel’s brilliantly successful cinematic universe.

Blending Practical and Cutting-edge Digital Effects for Star Wars Visual Effects Supervisor Roger Guyett discusses the range of challenges presented by bringing the latest installment in the storied “Star Wars” […]

In this talk, I will emphasize the art form of mixing live action sensibilities as the analog creative input device for CGI created imagery, using more or less the rule […]

In “Captain America: Civil War”, Steve Rogers leads the newly formed team of Avengers in their continued efforts to safeguard humanity. But after another incident involving the Avengers results in […]

This keynote presentation will graphically present what’s necessary to improve the current VR technology and its great potential for the future. Virtual reality depends on our understanding of the human […]

We approached this movie very differently from both the creative and producing perspective. There are many valuable aspects to it, both for the students as well as the industry participants. […]

A behind the scenes look at the visual design goals and challenges from “The Good Dinosaur”.

LAIKA — the award-winning studio behind hit films Coraline, ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls and Kubo and the Two Strings — began ten years ago with a simple goal: to make movies […]

Sharing early character sketches, screenshots of the treatment & first draft, and clips of the movie itself, Marc Haimes will detail the intensive creative process that gave birth to the […]

Hank, the grumpy but lovable octopus, presented one of the biggest challenges facing the artists behind the film, Finding Dory. How do you design a octopus that can deliver an […]

Can storytelling be done in VR? What happens when you give the audience control? Is this empathy thing for real? Maureen Fan (VP of Games, Farmville) teamed up with Eric […]

Bringing Cinematic Virtual Reality to life requires the kind of tight collaboration between technical and creative forces that Lucasfilm has thrived on for over 40 years. In this session, you […]

Learn about the process, principles and lessons learned while designing several of the launch apps for Daydream, Google’s new high end mobile VR platform.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, there’s a spring in everybody’s step. Everyone in London is enjoying a perfect summer’s day…until Ella steps outside. Everywhere she goes it […]

Director David Feiss looks back at his career from his start at Hanna-Barbera to the helming of Sony Pictures Animation’s newest OPEN SEASON adventure and shares unique insights on the […]

Director Jon Favreau and The Jungle Book’s production team made the bold decision to film the movie without any outdoor locations. How were they to shoot a single actor on […]

“Deadpool” marks the beginning of a new era for superhero films, and one sequence in particular was key to setting the tone. Ryan Tudhope, Visual Effects Supervisor, will present the […]

Take a journey through the looking glass as we explore the technical and creative challenges faced by the Imageworks team in creating this return visit to Underland. Get a behind-the-scenes […]

THE NEW PIONEERS is an animated adventure series being developed by Bit Films and Anzovin Studio that uses a blended 2D/3D production pipeline to achieve an integrated and expressive cel-inspired […]

In the near future, Doctors will prescribe video games as medicine to treat specific cognitive disorders. This is the path of medical device start-up Akili Interactive Labs. Co-founders Dr. Adam […]

Clinical disease signatures often manifest as optical biomarkers, which are been captured by state-of-art medical imaging technologies. However, modeling and rendering the human body with clinical biomarkers is essential for […]

How do games make us feel the way we do? Different kinds of games offer different kinds of emotional experiences, and this talk examines the techniques used to create many […]

With Siobhan Reddy, Adam Gazzaley, Matt Omernick, Massimo Guarini, Marco Mazzaglia and Pietro Righi Riva.

The first part of the talk tells the story of how Fireproof Games, a small team of self-funded 3D artists, created Apple’s iPad Game Of The Year. Since 2012 The […]

We reserve certain words to evaluate only parts of a piece of media. We use art words to talk exclusively about the art inside the thing. If we tried to […]

I will walk the audience through our design process, starting with the initial style, then showing examples of how the style has evolved. I’ll also go into the challenges of […]

After publishing the first italian indie game on PlayStation 4 in 2014, MixedBag founder Mauro Fanelli talks about forma.8, the studio upcoming action adventure game, and the challenges of managing […]

State of Play Games are known for making games by hand. They demonstrate the unique benefits of using physical models in their games and explain some of the technical challenges […]

Virtual Reality is an undoubtedly ideal storytelling platform, whichever the story. After starting with the very first VR comic in the world, “Magnetique”, a GearVR exclusive, we’ll focus on telling […]

With Byron Howard, Conrad Vernon, Chris Perry, Simone Giampaolo and Paolo Manera.

In this session, we will take you through the creative process and the techniques redchillies.vfx used to create the character of Gaurav in the film ‘FAN’. ‘FAN’ is the story […]

Generalist or specialist? What are big studios looking for? Are VR production houses and game companies looking for specialists? What are smaller production houses looking for? How can I find […]

Coming Soon!

This workshop will explore the appeal and design for animation.

Learn how to create and pitch a storyboard with Sausage Party director CONRAD VERNON.

We live in an electronic world, constantly connected digitally through the Internet. Increasingly more of our communication, education, and entertainment, from mobile phones to e-books to television and digital theater […]

A look at how to create beautiful and memorable images to enhance storytelling.

For the past few years, Marc Haimes has approached the craft of screenwriting with the mentality of an athlete, looking for every possible (legal) way to enhance performance. He has […]

Join David Feiss, head of story on Sony Pictures Animation’s OPEN SEASON, creator of COW AND CHICKEN and director of OPEN SEASON: SCARED SILLY as he explains the critical role […]

When it comes to environment work, there is not one specific way to approach it, but many. In this workshop, we will focus on making one shot, using different techniques […]

This workshop focusses on the graphic principals of animation posing. Applying traditional shot planning techniques to CG animation and VFX. Using line of action, negative space, and staging to guid […]

Students in this workshop will explore the process of translating a script into a sequence of independent shots. This involves identifying the turns of narrative and character built into the […]

Get ready to pitch. What are the considerations for pitching an idea? This interactive workshop focuses on the process of developing a pitch for a game property. Participants will be […]

An introduction to Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine 4 has an amazing new virtual movie production tool suite built straight into the engine. During this presentation, we will utilize the new cinematic cameras, cranes, and rail […]

During this workshop, Sjoerd De Jong, Unreal Engine Evangelist, will build a VR game from scratch working with freely available Unreal Engine assets. By combining the power of UE4’s visual […]

Procedural techniques are powerful tools that enable artists to create complex content much more rapidly than would be possible through manual placement and manipulation. Students in this workshop will be […]

Beyond the purely documentary function, images allow those who create them to break away from an objective transcription of reality. This underlines the importance of the meeting between the person […]

Master the art of avian locomotion!

JC Cornwell will offer live portfolio reviews and a recruitment session!

From the process of screenwriting, to pre-production, to shooting, and post production, young filmmakers will be given a sound foundation to build. Formatting in Final Draft, shooting with high-quality professional […]

Using as an example the latest Virtual Reality 3D puzzle game qb, developed by PlaySys and published by Oculus in June 2016, Luca Deriu will sum up the experience of […]

Simple concepts of animation are taught by creating stop motion animation, modeling shapes or characters from a dough of flour, salt and water.

Tips & tricks from two veterans to improve your odds at landing a dream job.

Acceleration program
and Investment Pitch for Games

24-26th October 2016
TURIN, Piedmont, Italy
during VIEW Conference

Discover the full program


gilGil is an active early stage venture capitalist in marketing, communication, social media, mobile and gaming. He sits on the board of startups like AdotMob, Adomik, Feeligo, Mindlytix... Prior to investing, Gil was an an account director at Marcel (Publicis) and was in charge of the digital communication strategy of international accounts in banking, mass-market retail, luxury. He was also actively involved in startup creations. Gil is a coach in entrepreneurship courses at ESCP-Europe where he graduated and intervenes in Sciences Po. Gil will be available for online meetings via Skype.
shelley-lkShelley LK has over 16 years international experience in the US, EU and Asia/JP. Shelley participated in and transacted investments from US$5-$900M and exited a couple of ventures of her own. She is the Managing Partner at IPC and Affiniti Ventures, collectively it invests in early stage mobile first startup including technology, platforms, digital media and entertainment, content as well as mobile gaming. Shelley holds MBA and MS degrees from MIT.
renaud-de-saint-serninRenaud de Saint Sernin woks in the Partner Business Solutions team for SEEMEA at Google. He looks after Mobile App and Gaming publishers in France and in Israel, supporting them in their monetization strategy and helping them grow. He joined Google in 2013 after several years in the Financial Software industry where he was in charge of International Business Development. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and a MSc from Ecole Centrale Paris.
benoit-boutteBenoit Boutte - Almost 20 years as Managing Director in the Videogame Industry for European and American multinational groups: SIERRA, VIRGIN, INTERPLAY, VIVENDI, BLIZZARD, THQ and DIGITAL BROS. A perfect expertise for publishing, licensing, marketing and of the modern and digital distribution channels in Europe. After an education in International Business in Paris, Tokyo and San Francisco, graduated from ISG Paris in 1986, completed by a MBA of the State University of SF, Benoit BOUTTE started his career in 1995, in the fast expanding videogame publishing business. Benoit has managed with his teams over hundreds of launches a year in many territories, either in direct publishing business, or license agreements or through distribution deals throughout various territories. Historical blockbuster games such as Half Life 1 and 2, Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, Baldur's Gate, Final Fantasy series, Tomb Raider Lara Croft, Pro Evolution Soccer, Metal Gear Solid, etc. Benoit has been also an active member of the French and Italian official Videogames Publishers Associations: SELL in France and AESVI in Italy for which he has been co-founder and treasury for many years. Benoit is today also active with various partners in the digital industry (Ludo edutainment games on smartphones, social network application) and in the cinema (film production) and music industries (live show events).
francesco-mantegazziniFrancesco Mantegazzini, creator of the Global Startup Expo (first virtual reality fair in the world focused on startups) and of Expo delle Startup (the largest startup event ever organized in Italy to this day), CEO of MGH7 Venture Capital (Restopolis, Presso, Instilla, Design Italian Shoes, Qurami, Nomesia, Sedicidodici, etc.), founder of, the tourism/adventure startup winner of the prize “ Il Coraggio di Innovare 2015” organized by Regione Lombardia) and many other activities in the startup world (Unicredit Start Lab Mentor, Judge for Premio Marzotto, Co-author of the book “L’innovazione che non ti aspetti"), has previously held the positions of Head of Business Development & Investor Relations for Gruppo 24 ORE and top management roles in Telecom Italia in the innovation, strategy and new investments divisions.
alberto-giustiAlberto Giusti has more than 20 years of experience as Strategy Manager and CEO of internet firms. He has worked/financed as business angel in several internet companies (Digital Strategy, Internet of Things, Gaming, Crowdfunding) and now he is Managing Partner of 42Accelerator. He has published the books “E-commerce in Cina. Come vendere online il Made In Italy” and “Crowdfunding – Dai sogni ai soldi”. He is speaker in digital events and teacher in business schools on digital themes; the game companies where he is business angel launched KickStarter campaigns with pledges for several $ millions.
filippo-zanettiFilippo Zanetti was born in Milano, he lived for 10 years between Paris and Melbourne and over a 26-year period, he built an impressive career delivering innovative business transformation and supply chain solutions with IBM. Through diverse leadership roles that led him to key markets in the US, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America, he was instrumental in developing and executing global initiatives that resulted in revenue growth, market expansion, cost savings, operational efficiency and customer acquisition. He also served as the Executive Director member of Logistics Board for Geodis (SNCF Group). In that role, he pioneered as series of global initiatives that increased synergies across 5 divisions and was the catalyst to growing the operations to the 3rd largest region. Currently, Filippo is the principal and founder of Value For People, a passionate business consulting company that brings business innovation and unconventional growth to companies and funding solutions to startup and emerging entities. In addition, he is also an active Business Angel, member of the Italian Business Angel Network, (IBAN) and provides business-mentoring support to major accelerators in Europe (Bancaintesa, Unicredit , Politecnico University , BAN-Up, etc ..) bringing innovation to traditional companies.
travis-winstanleyTravis Winstanley founded Kuju Startups ( in 2013 – with the primary focus of investing in Video Games. Kuju Startups raised their first fund in 2014, they have closed three investments to date, and continue to actively invest in the most promising video games developers. Travis leads the design of new funds, and the financial evaluation and legal implementation of investments.
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