Dr. Pratik Shah of MIT Media Lab works at the intersection of nanotechnology, medical imaging, low-cost diagnostics, entrepreneurship and scalable solutions for improving human health. He is leading the health and technology efforts run by the MIT Media Lab’s Camera Culture Group. Pratik has scientific expertise in clinical imaging for machine learning and AR, low-cost diagnostics, non-profits; startups, medical devices and several high-throughput approaches, including massively parallel DNA sequencing, digital gene expression technology, proteomics and metabolomics. He is developing and deploying the next-generation of non-ionizing clinical imaging systems powered by computer vision and machine learning platforms. Pratik mentors several Boston area and MIT health technology startups, judges MIT 100K and Mass Challenge entrepreneurship competitions and was a cofounder of non-profit for low-cost water-quality tests using mobile phones. His lab’s research interests span the fields of computational imaging, computer vision, and augmented and virtual reality for medical imaging, genetic engineering, machine learning and medical devices. His graduate and postdoctoral research led to the discovery of a new vaccine component to protect against bacterial pneumonia that is undergoing clinical trials, identification of several novel pathways and metabolites associated with gastrointestinal infections and a rapid, low-cost water quality test for the developing world. Dr. Shah has presented his work at leading computer graphics, machine learning and medical imaging conferences. Pratik is the recipient of a national award from the American Society for Microbiology, as well as an independent fellowship award from Massachusetts General Hospital. Pratik holds a BS, MS and a PhD in Microbiology and completed fellowship training at The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.