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Jeff Brunner

Co-founder, EVP of Sales


Jobs and hiring – the tricks of the trade

Jeff is the Co-founder and EVP of Sales for CREATIVEHEADS.NET, which has been a trusted resource in the creative industries since 2005. Jeff has over 23 years experience in talent management, job placement, advertising sales and managing key relationships with top creative companies and talent worldwide.

Jeff manages the relationships and accounts for all video games, animation, visual effects, virtual reality (VR) / augmented reality (AR), software tools and technology, advertising and marketing, multimedia and web design, architecture and design, and universities and schools that advertise and post jobs on CREATIVEHEADS.NET.

Prior to co-founding CREATIVEHEADS.NET, Jeff was the Managing Partner of R.E.D. (Representing Entertainers & Developers) agency and brokered hundreds of video game development transactions based on major licensed property and original IP for Sony PlayStation (PS3, PS2, PSX), Microsoft (Xbox360, Xbox), Nintendo (GameCube, DS, GBA and GB), Sega (Dreamcast), Apple (Mac), Plug-n-Play, Online/PC and Cell phone games.

Prior to R.E.D., Jeff was President/Co-founder of Interact, a top recruiting firm in the Video Game Industry for 12 years.

As a result of this expansive experience, Jeff has been a resource for multiple publications within the interactive entertainment industry including Daily Variety, Games Business, Game Developer, Game Spy, Hollywood Reporter, NextGen, Game Daily and PC Gamer.

For more information about CREATIVEHEADS.NET, please visit: www.creativeheads.net.