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will take the audience on a deep dive into the 5 year journey of artistry, research, and technology that created the enormous world of Disney’s Zootopia.

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This keynote presentation will graphically present what’s necessary to improve the current VR technology and its great potential for the future. Virtual reality depends on our understanding of the human […]

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A behind the scenes look at the visual design goals and challenges from “The Good Dinosaur”.

LAIKA — the award-winning studio behind hit films Coraline, ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls and Kubo and the Two Strings — began ten years ago with a simple goal: to make movies […]

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Hank, the grumpy but lovable octopus, presented one of the biggest challenges facing the artists behind the film, Finding Dory. How do you design a octopus that can deliver an […]

Can storytelling be done in VR? What happens when you give the audience control? Is this empathy thing for real? Maureen Fan (VP of Games, Farmville) teamed up with Eric […]

Bringing Cinematic Virtual Reality to life requires the kind of tight collaboration between technical and creative forces that Lucasfilm has thrived on for over 40 years. In this session, you […]

Learn about the process, principles and lessons learned while designing several of the launch apps for Daydream, Google’s new high end mobile VR platform.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, there’s a spring in everybody’s step. Everyone in London is enjoying a perfect summer’s day…until Ella steps outside. Everywhere she goes it […]

Director David Feiss looks back at his career from his start at Hanna-Barbera to the helming of Sony Pictures Animation’s newest OPEN SEASON adventure and shares unique insights on the […]

Director Jon Favreau and The Jungle Book’s production team made the bold decision to film the movie without any outdoor locations. How were they to shoot a single actor on […]

“Deadpool” marks the beginning of a new era for superhero films, and one sequence in particular was key to setting the tone. Ryan Tudhope, Visual Effects Supervisor, will present the […]

Take a journey through the looking glass as we explore the technical and creative challenges faced by the Imageworks team in creating this return visit to Underland. Get a behind-the-scenes […]

THE NEW PIONEERS is an animated adventure series being developed by Bit Films and Anzovin Studio that uses a blended 2D/3D production pipeline to achieve an integrated and expressive cel-inspired […]

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In the near future, Doctors will prescribe video games as medicine to treat specific cognitive disorders. This is the path of medical device start-up Akili Interactive Labs. Co-founders Dr. Adam […]

Clinical disease signatures often manifest as optical biomarkers, which are been captured by state-of-art medical imaging technologies. However, modeling and rendering the human body with clinical biomarkers is essential for […]

How do games make us feel the way we do? Different kinds of games offer different kinds of emotional experiences, and this talk examines the techniques used to create many […]

Adam Orth will share his incredible and unique story of overcoming tremendous odds and personal obstacles to achieve his goal of starting a game development studio and creating the critically-acclaimed […]

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The first part of the talk tells the story of how Fireproof Games, a small team of self-funded 3D artists, created Apple’s iPad Game Of The Year. Since 2012 The […]

We reserve certain words to evaluate only parts of a piece of media. We use art words to talk exclusively about the art inside the thing. If we tried to […]

I will walk the audience through our design process, starting with the initial style, then showing examples of how the style has evolved. I’ll also go into the challenges of […]

State of Play Games are known for making games by hand. They demonstrate the unique benefits of using physical models in their games and explain some of the technical challenges […]

This workshop will explore the appeal and design for animation.

We live in an electronic world, constantly connected digitally through the Internet. Increasingly more of our communication, education, and entertainment, from mobile phones to e-books to television and digital theater […]

A look at how to create beautiful and memorable images to enhance storytelling.

Join David Feiss, head of story on Sony Pictures Animation’s OPEN SEASON, creator of COW AND CHICKEN and director of OPEN SEASON: SCARED SILLY as he explains the critical role […]

This workshop focusses on the graphic principals of animation posing. Applying traditional shot planning techniques to CG animation and VFX. Using line of action, negative space, and staging to guid […]

Students in this workshop will explore the process of translating a script into a sequence of independent shots. This involves identifying the turns of narrative and character built into the […]

JC Cornwell will offer live portfolio reviews and a recruitment session!

Animate a crow in flight What’s this all about? This one-day taster course gives students an introduction to the art of 3D Animation, and giving a sense of what it’s […]

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