WORKSHOP Price: €40,00 / 50,00 

UE4 Virtual Movie Production with Sequencer

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Sala Sella - Centro congressi Torino Incontra 
Tue, 24-10-2017, 10.30 - 12.30

Luis Cataldi

Education Evangelist - Epic Games

Unreal Engine 4 has an amazing new virtual movie production tool suite built straight into the engine. During this presentation, we will utilize the new cinematic cameras, cranes, and rail rigs to build a short cinematic experience with content that is free to download from the Unreal Engine Launcher.

During this presentation, participants will learn about the new Unreal Engine cinematic Sequencer tool suite. After downloading and opening a free-to-use readymade environment from the UE4 Launcher, Sequencer will be used to create a fun and exciting cinematic experience. Participants will be exposed to Level and Master Sequences utilizing the new camera rails and cranes to create dynamic cinematic experiences. We will explore camera conventions such focal length and focal distance as well as camera apertures to deliver a specific look and feel to the scenes.
Additionally, we will look at how to record player animation from the scene to feature in the action. Multiple cameras will be intercut and moved around the scene to demonstrate the powerful Shots and Take workflow’s all from within Unreal Engine’s power new Sequencer timeline.

Intended Audiences: Beginning to intermediate level Unreal Engine users with experience in other game engines or 3D content creation packages.