WORKSHOP Price: €40,00 / 50,00 

Procedural Techniques using Houdini

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Sala Giolitti - Centro congressi Torino Incontra 
Sat, 28-10-2017, 11.15 - 13.15

Deborah Fowler

Professor of Visual Effects - Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

Procedural techniques are powerful tools that enable artists to create complex content much more rapidly than would be possible through manual placement and manipulation.
Students in this workshop will be introduced to common procedural techniques, node-based workflow for visual effects, and a brief overview of SideFX’s Houdini and how it can be used to empower the artist.
We will discuss the application of Houdini’s node-based procedural approach to natural and artistic models. As an example, a scientific model will be turned into a 3D object quickly and easily and transformed into an animation.

Intended Audiences: Beginner-level Houdini users or those interested in learning more about procedural techniques in Houdini.