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Rob Pardo

Legendary Game Designer, known for WORLD of WARCRAFT
CEO Bonfire Studios


ROB PARDO- Keynote

Like many kids in my generation, I grew up playing Dungeons & Dragons, first as a player, then as the dungeon master. This is where I discovered that what makes games truly special are the personal connections they create. It was so rewarding to design the moment that became a story and a memory that lasted for years. I learned that adventure, collaboration, and sometimes even competition could build friendships and create ties that bind. Over my game development career, I feel like I’ve continuously added to my friend group through the games that I’ve played and designed. As a player, it was moments like defeating the Avatar of War with my Everquest guild. As a designer, it was seeing virtual friends meet for the first time at BlizzCon. Bonfire for me is really just the next phase in this journey to deepen and enrich friendships through gameplay.

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