Child comic book collector turned DreamWorks studio executive, in 2011 Marc tore off his tie and folded away his suit in order to pursue the passion that propelled him from Washington DC to Los Angeles: writing. His first spec script, a live-action horror/thriller, was discovered by Shannon Tindle and Travis Knight, who thought the character work and darker sensibilities made Marc an out-of-the-box fit to write KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS.Most recently, Marc finished writing a drama based on the Waco, Texas tragedy of 1993 for Oscar winning producer, Mark Boal. His current project is an adaptation of the subversive graphic novel, NIMONA, which will be directed by Academy Award winner, Patrick Osborne, and released by Fox Animation Studios. Following that, he will collaborate again with writer/director Shannon Tindle on an original comedy-adventure for Sony Animation that will take them from the ancient Japan of KUBO to a futuristic Tokyo. Marc is incredibly grateful for all of these meaningful creative collaborations and for his secret source of inspiration: his eccentric-genius dog, Henry.