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Elisabeth Morant

Product Manager
Google Tilt Brush


Real Decisions, Virtual Space: Designing for VR

Elisabeth Morant is the Product Manager for Google’s “Tilt Brush”, an award winning virtual reality application that allows anyone to paint in 3D space at room scale. With Tilt Brush, artists can use the entire room as their canvas, choosing from brushes such as ink or highlighter, and otherwise-impossible materials like fire, stars or snowflakes. As Google’s first ever application on both the HTC Vive and then again on Oculus Rift, Tilt Brush has received widespread acclaim since it was initially released in April 2016.

Pushing the bounds of what’s technically possible, Elisabeth has dedicated her career to building experiences that empower people to create and learn in completely new ways. This has led her to work on projects like YouTube Globalization, where she built new tools to make videos accessible for more people, and Chrome Security, where she launched new visible browser security features protecting users from harm. Before Google, Elisabeth was the Digital Producer for KickinNutrition.TV, where she evolved the children’s digital video series into a transmedia educational platform for teaching healthy eating and nutrition.

Elisabeth graduated from MIT with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering, and is originally from Chicago.


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