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Claudio Pedica

Senior Interaction Designer
Sólfar Studios


Fate to face with the mountain

Claudio Pedica is a Senior Interaction Designer at Solfar Studio and A.I. Researcher at Reykjavik University, Socially Expressive Computing Group. He’s based in Iceland, a little below the arctic circle. During his research work he created an algorithm that replicates the cognitive process of self-organization of social encounters merging artificial intelligence, interaction and sociology. He has followed through with his original research, responding to the high level of interest it has generated in the field of computer games and film. He has been invited to speak on the topic at a number of high-profile venues, published well received research papers including a poster at SIGGRAPH, and spent a period at CCP Games as a visiting researcher. He has worked with Gagarin Studio directing both design and production of interactive installations for museums and cultural institutions such as the National Parks of Norway. More recently, he joined Solfar Studio to work on a VR experience about Everest.

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