VIEW Conference 2020 comes in two editions, the free Online Edition that happens via live streaming from October 18-23 according to the conference program, and the On-Demand Edition where you can purchase a ticket to access the conference's recorded sessions that will be made available on or after November 1st, 2020 and be available to watch until at least December 31st, 2020. Use this page to register for the free Online Edition, as well as to purchase on-demand access if that is of interest to you.

NOTA BENE: Due to technical reasons, even if you have already purchased a ticket to the On-Demand Edition, you still need to register for free for the Online Edition to receive the access code to join the live stream a few days before the conference. It's only a few clicks so kindly excuse us for this slight inconvience.

Register for Free Access to VIEW Conference Online Edition

VIEW Conference is pleased to offer you live streaming access for free to our entire program of over 125 sessions including talks, panels, keynotes, masterclasses, and workshops. Register here for the free live streaming access to the VIEW Conference 2020 Online Edition. In addition, if you are also interested in on-demand access to the conference sessions after the end of the conference, after registering for your free live stream access here, return to this page to consider buying one of the on-demand access options below.

Having trouble seeing the embedded tickets list, visit VIEW Conference Online Edition on Eventbrite

Purchase VIEW Conference On-Demand Edition Tickets

If you are interested in having on-demand access to watch sessions after the conference, consider one of the tickets below for the VIEW Conference 2020 On-Demand Edition. This optional ticket allows you to watch sessions offered at times that were inconvenient for your time zone, at times conflicting with other must-see sessions, or simply to watch them later at your convenience. This access is not available to participants who only choose the free live streaming access. Recordings of most all of talks and masterclasses will be available at least until 31 December, 2020 and will begin on or around November 1st, 2020.

NOTE: Since making all of the content free to watch live, we have a no refund policy for the on-demand access. Thanks for your understanding.

Discounts for on-demand access are available for school students for schools anywhere in the world or groups of five or more Please contact us for more information a [email protected]

Having trouble seeing the embedded ticket list, visit VIEW Conference On-Demand Edition on Eventbrite

Ticket Types

  • Light Pass
    • On-Demand access to keynotes, talks, and panels, but excludes masterclasses, workshops and Business Innovation Summit sessions.
  • Conference Pass
    • On-Demand access to all talks, panels, workshops and masterclasses but excludes our Business Innovation Summit sessions.
  • All Access Pass
    • On-demand access to all talks, all panels, all workshops, all masterclasses, and Business Innovation summit.
  • Business Innovation Summit Only Pass
    • On-demand access to Business Innovation Summit sessions.
  • A-la-carte Masterclass or Workshop Tickets
    • (NOT NECESSARY if you choose All Access or Conference Passes) On-demand access to that specific course you choose 


To pay via bank wire:

Associazione Culturale VIEW Conference


Bank account number: 100000115602
IBAN: IT56 N030 6909 6061 0000 0115 602