Video highlights

VIEW Conference 2016 Keynotes

Paul Debevec’s Complete Talk at View Conference 2013

TGR Piemonte del 3 ottobre 2013

TG Regione Piemonte del 15 ottobre 2013

TG Regione Piemonte del 18 ottobre – Chiusura di VIEW Conference 2013

Troy Saliba, supervising animator for Sony Pictures Imageworks, interviewed by RadiOltre

Christopher Townsend, overall FVX supervisor for Iron Man 3, interviewed by RadiOltre

Max Solomon, animation supervisor for Gravity at Framestore, interviewed by RadiOltre

Stephan Franck, “The Smurfs: The legend of Smurfy Hollow” director at Sony Pictures Animation, interviewed by RadiOltre

Marco Carboni, crowd lead technical director for World War Z at MPC, intervistato da RadiOltre

Andrew Merkin, Head of Special Projects and Transmedia at Mirada Studios, interviewed by RadiOltre

Il servizio di Best Movie su VIEW Conference 2013

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