The Making Of Storks

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Sala Cavour - Centro Congressi Torino Incontra 
Fri, 27-10-2017, 17.30 - 18.30

Brad Lewis

Producer, STORKS - Warner Bros

We approached this movie very differently from both the creative and producing perspective. There are many valuable aspects to it, both for the students as well as the industry participants.
My challenge on Storks was to work with a live action comedy director with no animation experience, and then to assemble and lead an experienced CG creative team to produce Storks. Storks is the most visually complex, and expressively animated movies ever produced.
During the talk, I will discuss the unique creative process we used, and also broaden the talk to include the modern computer animated feature producing process. There is room, and need for, new voices in computer animated filmmaking and filmmaking process. Artists and technology are better, and the films we make have to adapt accordingly. Storks was also produced in a far more affordable way than most feature animated films, as it combined the talents of Hollywood and global creative artists with the animation being created by Sony Pictures Imageworks production team in Vancouver.