Real Decisions, Virtual Space: Designing for VR

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Elisabeth Morant

Product Manager - Google Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush, Google’s virtual reality painting application, was Google’s first ever app on both the HTC Vive and then again on Oculus Rift, and has received widespread acclaim since it was initially released in April 2016. With intuitive controls and a pick-up-and-play design, it is an experience for everyone—professional artists, dreamers, and even casual doodlers. Since the initial launch, the team has rolled out over ten updates, adding new features, improving the experience, and all the while prioritizing expression and free form creation, allowing anyone to be an artist. Elisabeth Morant, Product Manager for Google’s Tilt Brush, will share adventures in product development since launching for the HTC Vive, providing insight into the unique challenges (and opportunities) of developing for VR, and discussing how to design a product that appeals to first time users, professional creators, and everyone in between.

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