VR and Medicine: Clinical Imaging of the Human Body: For Health, Visualization and Predictive Analytics

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Sala Cavour - Centro Congressi Torino Incontra 
Wed, 25-10-2017, 15.15 - 16.15

Pratik Shah

Research Scientist - MIT Media Lab

Clinical disease signatures often manifest as optical biomarkers, which are been captured by state-of-art medical imaging technologies. However, modeling and rendering the human body with clinical biomarkers is essential for accurate diagnoses. Computer science researchers, in conjunction with physicians, can play a critical role in capturing and rendering clinical images with disease signatures and porting medical images to AR/VR platforms to facilitate clinical examinations. Material and optical properties of biological tissues are complex and not easily captured by conventional medical devices. Dr. Shah’s talk will cover next-generation of imaging modalities across the electromagnetic spectrum (X-Rays, UV, Visible, IR and Thz) to model the human body with disease signatures. Attendees will receive an overview of the biophysics that creates the variability in appearance of the eye, ear, skin, mouth, bones and internal organs among individuals. State-of-the art methods used to create more accurate models and clinical renderings for visualization and machine learning will be shared. Finally, we will explore health applications of image acquisition and modeling.