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Sophie Anne Herin

Freelance photographer


Through the streets of Turin

Sophie-Anne Herin began her artistic career in Bologna, where she graduated at Dams, worked as an actress with several acting companies, taking part in a number of productions with Teatro Navile. In 2006 she moved to Paris where she continued her artistic training by studying Barbara Dauville’s Drama-Therapy and at Peter Goos’ dance center.

In 2008 she approached photography, thanks to the encounter with the artist Marino Catalan, an interest which she pursued professionally at design school IED in Torino, thus choosing to step off the stage, joining the ranks of the observers, those who wait for events to happen or “fall”. In 2008 she cooperated with the association “Le chemin des femmes” of Modena for the photo exhibition Sur le chemin de femmes, showcased in June 2010 in Modena.

Out of the the encounter between Meike Clarelli and director Alice Padovani, “Why should I love you?” was born, a show set to music, hosted in November 2009 at the Space Moons of Modena, as part of Festival Periferico. The following year, as a consequence of the same event, “Disperato moderato con brio” was born, again with Clarelli and Gabriele Dalla Barba, creating a concert-like performance on photographic film at the “Dead Meat” space in Modena.

With “Viaggio Nudo” (Naked trip) in 2010, she exhibited photographs on canvas combined with paintings by Marino Catalano at Montaigne Gallery in Shanghai, China. In January 2012 she exhibited “Trois Valdotains à Paris: historires du passé et du présent” at the Espace Vallée d’Aoste in Paris. In December 2012 she exhibited at the Citadel of young Aosta “Figure Invisibili” (Invisible figures), exhamining the body as a metaphor – a study on eating disorders. In March of 2013 she exhibited at the Phos center of Chieri “Attorno ad un manque” (Around a manque) with two photographic projects dealing with the issue of lacking, through an introspective journey, where the body becomes both subject as well as a metaphor for absence.

In November she exhibited at the Turin gallery Paola Meliga “I luoghi malinconici del dentro: D.C.A” (The melancholy of inner places: eating disorders), taking part during the same month to “BAM Biennale d ‘Arte Moderna e Contemporanea” in Turin at NH Lingotto Tech.

In 2014 she exhibited “Il corpo sottratto” (The body expropriated) at Finaosta, together with artist Patrizia Nuvolari. Part of the work on eating disorders will then be published in Blacklie vol.1. In 2015 she presented a group exhibition of her previous work and the limited edition book “Scarti” at gallery Spazio 28 in Turin.
In 2016 she exhibited at PHOS in Turin with “Bianco ingenuo” (Naive white).

She lives between Aosta and Turin, holding workshops and training sessions throughout Italy (CAMERA Torino, Centro sperimentale di fotografia – Napoli).