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Marco Mazzaglia

IT Manager, Video Game Evangelist


Horror stories from IT: how the Information Technology can boost or destroy video games.


Marco Mazzaglia was born in Turin in 1974. At the age of 3 he had the first “contact” with computer and video games. Several years later he earned his degree in Computer Science at “Università degli Studi di Torino”, writing a graduation thesis about DyLog, a metalanguage of Prolog for the Artificial Intelligence.

In 1996 with other 23 people he founded a Social Co-operative, “La Bussola”, in order to deliver services related to web technologies and to teach the use of the Internet to no lucrative organizations.

In his first job he worked on web architectures and localization based services for the Ministry of the Interior and the Italian State Police.

By January 2008 he worked for six years as IT Manager and Video Game Evangelist for Milestone; in this context, he took care of the design and management of development systems and he worked on the online game architectures.

After one year as technical director in a company that developed applied games, now he is IT Manager at Ovosonico, working on emotional video games.
He is president of T-Union, an association founded in November 2013 with veterans from game industry, cinema and computer graphics; the goal is to promote the culture of the game industry in Italy and to create network among professionals and students; he organizes events like Game Jams with MTV and the Global Game Jam in Turin.