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Craig Dibble

Lead Render Systems Engineer
MPC Film


How Cloud Rendering Can Revolutionising the VFX Workflow. MPC tell all.

Craig is the Lead Render Systems Engineer at MPC. He has been the lead architect on MPC’s secure cloud render platform, first developed for Disney’s “The Jungle Book”, and the first such platform to be given permission to render Disney content in the cloud. He has since been a major factor in developing the security and audit documentation and driving studio acceptance of cloud technology for VFX. He has overseen the deployment of the platform at 5 of MPC’s sites so far, providing easy access to burst render capacity and allowing MPC Film and MPC Advertising to easily scale their resources up and down as required. Craig joined MPC in 2014 from Animal Logic where he built and managed their render farm, which was at one stage the most powerful supercomputer in Australia.

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