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Chris Perry

Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
Hampshire College


Storytelling in the digital age: film vs TV series

New Directions for Stylized CG


Directing the Visual Story

Chris Perry is an award-winning screenwriter, director, and producer with over 20 years of film experience and is an associate professor of Media Arts and Sciences at Hampshire College. Perry is also the founder of Bit Films, an independent studio in western Massachusetts that for over a decade has nurtured filmmakers working on short-format projects in a creative and collaborative environment. Before settling in New England, Perry worked as a programmer and generalist technical director in VFX and feature animation. He worked on A BUG’S LIFE, TOY STORY 2, and FINDING NEMO at Pixar and won a technical Oscar for the animation software he developed at Rhythm & Hues Studios that was used on LIFE OF PI and 17 years’ worth of other CG films. Perry holds an M.S. degree from the MIT Media Laboratory and an M.F.A. from UMass Amherst.