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Maxwell Render – Dario Lanza

Dario Lanza is  a Maxwell Render Expert at Next Limit Technologies (developers of Maxwell Render and RealFlow). A graduate in Forrest Engineering, Dario studied a postgraduate course in Computer Graphics at Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid). He has worked as a 3D designer, illustrator and 3D Instructor, and is currently studying for a PhD in Matte Painting. A specialist in photorealistic rendering, he combines his work on the development of Maxwell Render with lectures at the Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid).


Photorealistic rendering with Maxwell Render

Over the last few years, the demand for photorealism has grown, and today’s audiences are already trained to find CG elements in films. Maxwell Render represents the “state-of-the-art” in realistic rendering. It was the first render engine to use unbiased and physically correct algorithms to get completely photorealistic images. With a growing community of users, in such fields as commercials, films, architectural visualization, product design, photography and illustration, it represents a new standard of quality in the CG industry, and is a rendering technology that will interest all users who aim to create the highest quality in synthetic images. In this workshop, Dario Lanza, a Maxwell Render expert at Next Limit Technologies, will introduce Maxwell Render and its main features, and will teach the audience how to use Maxwell Render with real scene examples in Maya. Additionally he will show the future developments of Maxwell Render and some exciting new features which are close to release.