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Tim Johnson, PDI-DreamWorks: How to Train your Dragon     Kim White, Pixar Animation Studios: Toy Story 3     Michael Shantzis, Pixar Animation Studios, Oscar Winner     Parag Havaldar, Sony Pictures Imageworks: Alice in Wonderland     Mike Springer, Google Workshops     Top-IX Workshops     Daniele Angelozzi, 3D artist, Zbrush Workshops     NVIDIA workshop     Dylan Sisson, Pixar's Renderman Workshops     Simon Robinson, CTO the FOUNDRY, The development of Nuke and Ocula in support of Stereo-3D VFX post-production     David Schaub, Animation Director, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Alice in Wonderland: Animating Underland.     Adolf Lachman, Graphic Artist, Creating the design for Machinarium, Amanita Design     Giulio Pennella, Director, Scuola del Fumetto di Cuneo     Guido Bolatto, Secretary-general of Camera di commercio of Turin     Stefano Frache, CEO of Dynamix Italia S.r.l., From the Idea to the Videogame     Mario Aprà and Maurizio Ferro, Consultants on Industrial Property, The Intellectual Property Rights     Claudio Costa, Lawyer, The Protection of Videogames between Brands and Copyright     Luca Barbero, Consultant on Industrial Property, The Protection of Copyright in the Social Networks and the Interactive Videogames     Juan Carlos De Martin, Chief of Creative Commons Italia's Team, Videogames and Videogamers     Giancarlo Borio, Chief of the EMC's Department of LACE – Corep, CE and Videogames     Mariangela Ravasenga, Chief of the Industrial Property Department, PATLIB Center of the Camera di Commercio of Turin, The Turin's Camera di Commercio Services to protect the Industrial Property     Pam Hogarth Director of Marketing, LOOK Effects     Adam Avitabile Visual Effects Supervisor, Lost, The Making of The Effects for The Final Season of Lost     Craig Caldwell, USTAR Senior Research Professor in Digital Media at the University of Utah, Moving animation to a higher level: 10 obvious secrets in animation     Ged Wright, Double Negative, VFX Supervisor of Iron Man 2     Dante & Francesco Bastianoni, Professors of Realistic Drawing, SFEI School, To Invent a Comic     Simone Corso, Professor at “Scuola Internazionale di Comics”, SFEI Academy Collaborator, Creatures Creation     Luca Deriu, PlaySys Founder, Videotutorial Instructor at SFEI, Realtime and Pre-rendered Visualizations. A Closer Analysis to Nextgen Systems     Andrea Gatti, Digital Artist, Videotutorial Instructor at SFEI, Sunk World, Digital Painting Overview     Emanuele Micheli, School of Robotics     Manfredi Toraldo, Art Director of Allagalla Editions, Professor of scriptwriting and storytelling at International School of Comics & at SFE     Luca Morena, Co-founder iCoolhunt     MPC Recruitment Roadshow


VIEW is delighted to announce the winners of VIEW Award 2010!

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World Premiere: Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special in 3D Stereo With the Director Tim Johnson!

Featuring the world premiere of PDI/DreamWorks “Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special”, a stereo 3D television production from the cast and crew that created the Oscar-nominated film, the renowned four-day confab celebrates all things CG. You are welcome to come Friday, Oct 29th at Cinema Massimo (Via Verdi 18, Turin) - Room Three


Have you ever dreamt of working in the team of one of the biggest video game companies in the world? Ubisoft, creator of hit brands including Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon, is looking for you!

Come to VIEW Conference and bring your resume and showreel: members of Ubisoft Studios Milan – developers of the upcoming MotionSports game for Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect – will be there to consider the work of talented candidates.

If you want to upload your CV and schedule an interview see or send an email at

MPC Recruitment Roadshow @VIEW IN TURIN, ITALY

MPC is getting ready to hit the road for a European tour… We need to hire a host of creative, technical and overall exciting individuals to join our world-leading VFX company.

With dates in Paris, Munich and Turin; MPC’s Recruitment Roadshow will give you an overview of day to day working at MPC as well as the opportunity to see how your career can develop with us.

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VIEW’s 2010 keynote speaker: Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson, Executive Producer and Director at PDI-DreamWorks, twice awarded the prestigious ANNIE AWARD, is shaping the history of animation: Co-director of the first DreamWorks ‘s CG feature animation movie, Antz in 1998, he served as the Animation Director to The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror VI (1998), he created Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas and, in 2006 he directed Over the Edge and now he is ready to reveal at VIEW the secrets of How to Train Your Dragon 3D.

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Tim will show us the secrets of Dragon Trainer in 3D and will hold a special workshop by the title “The History of Animation through my movies


Paul Franklin, VFX Supervisor for Inception and Co-founder of Double Negative

Paul Franklin, co-founder of Double Negative, has been the visual effects supervisor for movies such as “Batman Begins”, “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, “The Dark Knight” . At VIEW the VFX supervisor of Nolan’s cerebral sci-fi film INCEPTION and one of the most visionary people in the field is ready to reveal the secrets of his job!

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Bruce Holcomb (ILM): The Visual Effects of Avatar

The Digital Modeling Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic, Bruce Holcomb (whose film credits include the Academy Award-winning Pirates of the Caribbean “Dead Man’s Chest” “Star Trek”, “Avatar” and both “Iron Man” films) will talk at VIEW of the Visual Effects of Avatar.

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Kim White: The Lighting of Toy Story 3

The Director of Photography for Lighting of Pixar’s Toy Sotry 3 will talk at VIEW about how they approached the evolution of a new look while maintaining some of the style elements to keep it a part of the Toy Story family and she will present how the new lighting look is designed to support the interesting and varied emotional components of this amazing story.

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Daniele Bigi: Lighting Robin Hood

Daniele Bigi is currently working as Lead Lighter/Look developer for MPC in London. After completing a master degree in Industrial Design at the University of Milan (2002) he stared to collaborate with different animation and VFX studios around the world such as: Fathom Studio (Atlanta), Berlin Film Company (Berlin), Paprikaas (Bangalore) and Aardman animation (Bristol). In 2004 he published together with professor Nicolo’ Ceccarelli the book: “Animazione 3D” published by Mondadori. Over the last few years Daniele has worked on major film projects as Lead Lighter / Look developer including: Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008), The Wolfman (2009), Prince Of Persia (2010), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (2010).

Bruno Mahé: Despicable me

Bruno MAHE began his career in the late 90′s working for ARTE (French/German TV Channel). He worked at several post-production houses in Paris including LaMaison before joining the French studio Mac Guff Ligne in 2004. Mahe worked on building up the technical setup for “Azur et Azmar” from Michel OCELOT, the first Mac Guff full CG feature film 2004. He developed the technical pipeline of Mac Guff LA in Santa Monica in 2005, specializing in creation of computer-generated imagery for commercials, music videos and feature films. He then worked as Director of IT Operation on “Dragon Hunters” the second full CG film at Mac Guff in 2007. In 2008, Illumination came to Mac Guff to produce “Despicable Me” – a stereo 3D CG movie on which Mahe was Global Technology Supervisor.

Michael Shantzis: Building a Real Wall-E Robot

In order to promote the movie “Wall-E”, the engineers and artists of Pixar/Disney built an actual Wall-E robot to travel the world promoting the film. One of its designers, Michael Shantzis, will share his adventures of the design, construction and training of the physical Wall-E.

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David Schaub: Alice in Wonderland

David Schaub, Animation Director at Sony Pictures Imageworks is ready to talk about the amazing animation of Alice in Wonderland.
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Henry LaBounta: The Art of ‘NFS Hot Pursuit’

After 16 years of ‘Need for Speed’ games how do you offer something new by going back to the core of what made it popular? Learn how the Criterion team fused their ‘Burnout’ DNA with classic ‘Hot Pursuit’ to create something new that takes you right back to the best of the original games.

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Parag Havaldar: Alice in Wonderland

Parag Havaldar, software architect at Sony Pictures Imageworks, leads the stereoscopic and performance capture technology group which develops proprietary software solutions for the facility’s stereo production pipelines and performance capture pipeline.

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Simon Robinson: Stereo-3D

Sci-Tech Academy Award© Simon Robinson, the FOUNDRY’s Chief Scientist, will talk at VIEW about the technologies of Avatar in a talk devoted to “The development of Nuke and Ocula in support of Stereo-3D VFX post-production”.

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Adam Avitabile: Lost Visual Effects

Adam Avitabile Visual Effects Supervisor of Lost, will reveal at VIEW Conference “The Making of The Effects for The Final Season of Lost”.

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Sandy Karpman: Behind the Curtain of Day & Night

A visual tour of the creative decisions behind final stereo imagery in Day & Night with the Technical Director Sandy Karpman!

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Ken Perlin: Games for Learning Institute

Ken Perlin, Professor of Computer Science at NYU Media Research Lab, received a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in 1997 for his PERLIN NOISE. At VIEW, he will talk of “The Future of Human/computer Interfaces”. More »

Paul Davies: Animation Supervisor of Iron Man 2

From Double Negative, the Europe’s largest provider of visual effects for Film, Paul Davies, the animation supervisor of “Iron Man 2” is coming to VIEW about the VFX of Iron Man 2!

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Terrence Masson: The most mobile practitioner in the CG industry!

Terrence Masson – Director of Creative Industries at Northeastern University, SIGGRAPH 2010 Conference Chair, Author of “CG101: A Computer Graphics Industry Reference” – is undoubtedly a CG’s Guru, with 20 years of very eclectic production experience: SHOTS magazine called Terrence “Possibly the most mobile practitioner in the CG industry”. Ready to meet him at VIEW?

Dan Schrecker: Step Up 3D

The Visual Effects Supervisor at LOOK Effects, Dan Schrecker has earned Visual Effects Society Nominations for “Frida” (Best Supporting Visual Effects in a Motion Picture, 2002) and “The Fountain” (Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects Driven Motion Picture, 2006). At VIEW he will talk of the making of Visual Effects for Step Up 3D.

Craig Caldwell: 10 Obvious Secrets in Animation

Craig Caldwell is the USTAR Senior Research Professor in Digital Media at the University of Utah. At VIEW he will give the talk “Moving animation to a higher level: 10 obvious secrets in animation”.

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Thanks to the cooperation between VIEW and the Centro Estero Internazionalizzazione Piemonte, the Piedmontese Center devoted to internationalization and to increasing the presence of local companies and their competitiveness on international markets, also this year, VIEW becomes the meeting place between the most innovative companies from abroad and the Piedmontese realities. This is an important chance to exchange ideas and to make business. This year, the attention is focused on Canadian companies. The following companies will attend: GIANT STEP (Gil and Eyal Katz, 
Managing Partners), XENOPHILE MEDIA (Patrick Crowe, Executive Producer), STARZ ANIMATION TORONTO (David Steinberg, Executive Vice President & General Manager), IMARION (Alex Olegnowicz, 
President), SIDE EFFECTS SOFTWARE (Richard Hamel, 
VP, Marketing and Sales).

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Videogames: entertainment, creativity and legal aspects

From the cooperation among Camera di Commercio di Torino, PATLIB, Seminario dello Sportello Tutela Proprietà Industriale (STPI), and VIEW, we’re proud to offer to our guest the seminar Videogames: entertainment, creativity and legal aspects. At VIEW Conference, 2010 October 27th, from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm., Giolitti Room.

Talks by: Stefano Frache, CEO of Dynamix Italia S.r.l., Mario Aprà and Maurizio Ferro, Consultants on Industrial Property, Claudio Costa, Lawyer, Luca Barbero, Consultant on Industrial Property, Juan Carlos De Martin, NEXA Center for Internet & Society, Politecnico di Torino, Giancarlo Borio, Chief of the EMC’s Department of LACE – Corep

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Amanita Design: Machinarium

Adolf Lachman, Graphic Artist, will talk at VIEW of the last creation of the Czech independent game development studio the Amanita Design: Machinarium, Aesthetics Award at IndieCade 2008 and Excellence in Visual Art Award at the Independent Games Festival.

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iCoolhunter: Alessio & Luca Morena

Two brothers and a good idea to conquer the web: sounds like a story coming from the Silicon Valley, California. But it happens in Turin, where Luca and Alessio Morena currently live. At VIEW, Luca Morena!

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Motionsports™: when key frame animation meets Kinect™

The Kinect™ technology by Microsoft presents unique challenges in terms of technique and style proposing a revolutionary way to play since no traditional controller will be required.

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Pixar’s RenderMan – Dylan Sisson

Dylan Sisson

Dylan Sisson, the main Pixar's RenderMan expert will teach at VIEW in an exclusive workshop the secrets of the famous Pixar's RenderMan software, including topics such as the software's story and origins, and its use in the last Pixar's masterpiece, TOY STORY 3. Ready for his "Talking Trash about Toy Story 3"?

Career Realities for VFX – Pam Hogarth

Pam Hogarth, Director of Marketing, will present the “Career Realities for Visual Effects Production”: An unmissable occasion of learning what to do if you want to work in the field of digital production!

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Maxwell Render – Dario Lanza

Dario Lanza is  a Maxwell Render Expert at Next Limit Technologies (developers of Maxwell Render and RealFlow). A graduate in Forrest Engineering, Dario studied a postgraduate course in Computer Graphics at Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid). He has worked as a 3D designer, illustrator and 3D Instructor, and is currently studying for a PhD in Matte Painting. A specialist in photorealistic rendering, he combines his work on the development of Maxwell Render with lectures at the Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid).

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RealFlow 5: Fluid Alchemy

What is new in RealFlow 5 and the RealFlow RenderKit v2, a short presentation by Next Limit’s Gustavo Sanchez-Perez on the latest exciting features in these two cutting-edge softwares.  RealFlow in Production – a real world case study. RealFlow world expert Florian Koebisch will run you through creating a stunning RealFlow simulation from start to finish. Both experts will share their top hints and techniques for working efficiently with RealFlow. The presenters will be happy to answer all your RealFlow questions. Gustavo Sánchez-Pérez is a Senior FX/ TD, working as RealFlow Technical Consultant at Next Limit. Florian Koebisch is an FX/TD at PICTORION das werk, and a Next Limit-certified RealFlow Xpert.

RealFlow5: Clashing and Splashing – Florian Koebisch

Clashing and Splashing with RealFlow5 Dynamic animation tools, such as RealFlow or fluid animation tools in general, tend to be a bit confusing to artists who have little or no experience in this field of computer graphics. Getting behind parameters such as Pressure, Density and Viscosity togehther with terms like substeps, resolution, grid fluids, particle fluids and solvers is also a challenging task for more experineced users.

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GOOGLE Workshops – Mike Springer

Google Earth and Google Maps are bringing the world closer and closer to the fingertips of the people. Come and learn how these products are changing the world.

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The art and science of animating expressive eyes – David Schaub

Do not miss the incredible chance of a Masterclass with David Schaub: THE ART AND SCIENCE OF ANIMATING EXPRESSIVE EYES: “It has often been said that the eyes are the window to the soul, and if you can capture the essence of that soul in animation, then true magic is created.”
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Comic School Workshops & Tech Lessons

The prestigious school of comics is organizing a series of workshops and technical lessons ranging from scriptwriting to digital painting, from 3D modeling to realtime and pre-rendered visualizations.

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Creature Design – Simone Corso

In this workshop the Digital Artist Simone Corso, Professor at “Scuola Internazionale di Comics” and SFEI Academy Collaborator will address the creation of a 3D creature starting from its 2D concept. The main problems related to modeling, coloring and texturing will be addressed.

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Realtime and Pre-rendered Visualizations Workshop – Luca Deriu

The CG Italian pioneer Luca Deriu, owner of PlaySys Studio and SFEI videotutorial Instructor will talk at VIEW about Realtime and Pre-rendered Visualizations, focusing the attention on Nextgen Systems. Don’t miss the chance!

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Scriptwriting & Storytelling Workshop – Manfredi Toraldo

Manfredi Toraldo, Art Director of Allagalla Editions and Professor of Scriptwriting and Storytelling at International School of Comics & SFEI will give at VIEW two exclusive workshop: Scriptwriting for Comics, Movies, Video Games and Everything Else and ManFont Comics – Comics on iPad™, A New Creative Frontier. Come at learning at VIEW!

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Comics – Dante & Francesco Bastianoni

Both of them are Professors of Realistic Drawing at SFEI School, and they work with Publishers such as Marvel and Bonelli. Ready to learn how to create a Comics by the very Comics Masters?

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Digital Painting – Andrea Gatti

The Digital Artist and Videotutorial Instructor at SFEI Andrea Gatti will present in an exclusive workshop one of his most popular products: the images from sunk world, that will be presented in a digital painting workshop overview. Don’t miss the chance!

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ZBrush workshop – Daniele Angelozzi

An exclusive Workshop on ZBrush by the 3D artist and ZBrush Certified Instructor Daniele Angelozzi.

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Thanks to the cooperation between VIEW and TOP-IX (TOrino Piemonte Internet eXchange) the non-profit consortium aiming at creating and managing a NAP (Neutral Access Point) for the exchange of Internet traffic in North West Italy, VIEW proudly presents: DIGITAL MEDIA WORKSHOP FOR CREATIVITY: Create content for film and animation with the integration of open source tools

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Stereoscopy in Film Production: Theory and Practice – Parag Havaldar

This workshop will cover a wide range of topics related to stereoscopy in films from both a theoretical and practical point of view.

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VIEW AWARD 2010 International Jury

  • Maria Elena Gutierrez, President
  • Pam Hogarth, Chair
  • Tim Johnson, PDI-DreamWorks
  • Kim White, Pixar Animation Studios
  • Stefania Raimondi, Enanimation
  • David Schaub, Sony Pictures Imageworks
  • Giulio Pennella, Scuola di fumetto e illustrazione SFEI di Bra
  • Guido Polcan, Big Rock
  • Nicola Klemenc, graduated at Politecnico of Torino and CG expert
  • Eleonora Bonis, graduated at Politecnico of Torino and CG expert
  • Morten Thorning, Studierektor



  • Vittorio Sopetto, Direttore del Settore Politiche Giovanili del Comune di Torino
  • Giulio Lughi, Professore Associato dell’Università degli Studi di Torino
  • Maria Elena Gutierrez, President
  • Antonio Pizzo, Professore Associato dell’Università degli Studi di Torino


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